Adrienne Warber has published articles on a large variety of subjects. She can research and write about almost anything. Here is a selection of her writing samples:


Ballerina Keenan Kampa’s journey from ballet to acting

Adult Ballet: Starting ballet with limited flexibility

Grand Rapids Ballet: Annabel Lopez Ochoa’s vision for ‘Dangerous Liaisons’

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Benefits of Dance Class for Boys

Adult Ballet: Begin ballet as an adult


How to Talk to Your Child About Autism

Diagnosing Adults with Autism

Play Therapy Techniques

Asperger Relationships

Autism Awareness Month

Why Is Autism on the Rise?

Support for Parents of Autistic Children

Dog Care

Incredible Stories of Dogs Saving Human Lives

What Are The Symptoms of a Dog Suffering from Kidney Failure


Canine Osteosarcoma Treatment

Grain-Free Dog Food

Dog Paw Health


Find handmade jewelry on etsy

Romantic jewelry ideas

Christmas jewelry ideas

Moonstone Gem Facts

Kate Middleton’s Wedding Ring

General Feature Writing (Detroit CBS Local Samples)

Ask A Detroit Expert 5 School Lunches Kids Can Make Themselves

Ask A Detroit Expert: Best Matzo Recipes for Passover

Best Bike Trails In Metro Detroit

Best Hiking Trails In Detroit

Best Summer Backpacking Trips Near Detroit

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